How to keep your Harford equipment clean

With the current challenges around COVID-19, we are aware that many manufacturers are increasing their already stringent cleaning routines even further.

To keep your Harford terminals and equipment clean, safe, and functional, please heed the following advice:

  • Harford terminal touchscreen – please use isopropanol (or similar) alcohol-based wipes or soft cloths only. Do not use abrasive or hard materials/cloths to clean, as these may scratch the surface of the screen.
  • The same applies to Tablets and handheld barcode scanners.
  • Stainless steel equipment will be able to withstand slightly more harsh deep cleaning, using alcohol-based materials and chemicals, in line with regular cleaning procedures.
  • Any peripherals and devices with lenses and/or reflective surfaces (e.g. terminal camera, in-line barcode scanners, sensor reflectors) should only be cleaned with pre-moistened non-abrasive lens cloths suitable for camera equipment, to avoid damage, streaks and residue.
  • Third-party equipment, such as weighing scales, should be cleaned in line with supplier guidance.
  • Please avoid the use of any Acetone-based cleaning agents.


Support Details

Although Harford’s offices are temporarily closed following the latest Government guidelines, we are still here to help.

For any enquiries, please call our main number 01225 764461 and press 1 to speak with our reception team during working hours. Out of hours support is available via the same number.

For any non-urgent support queries, please contact support@harfordcontrol.com


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