Food labelling and compliance

Are Food Labels Effective Enough for Children’s Health and Safety?

Summer holiday is nearly here, when many children will be off school, which means parents need to pay more attention…
confusing food labelling and packaging manufacturing

Consumer Safety – Why Take Unnecessary Risks with Product Labelling?

Do You Know What You’re Eating & Drinking

We human beings consume over 30,000 species of plants and animals. However, for the most part, we don’t know much…
Label verification - MIS MES - manufacturing

Why are Food Products with Mislabelled Allergens Still on the Shelf?

Food recalls due to allergen mislabelling are still very common in the UK. Food Standard Agency data shows that 314…
Harford Control Connected Worker real-time actionable data

Transform Manufacturing with Connected Worker

A Solution for Efficiency, Collaboration and Operational Excellence

2023 was the worst year on record for company insolvencies with 26,595 failures. Manufacturing accounted for 8% of the insolvencies…

The Value of LIMS in Manufacturing

Read how LIMS can aid Production Effectiveness

It’s frustrating to witness the frequent recalls of products in recent years, causing significant wastage, all testimony to the need…

Harford Control’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement:

Our End-to-End MIS/MES Solutions Update Announcement

Harford Control, a leading provider of manufacturing information systems (MIS) and manufacturing execution systems (MES), announced a solution range update…

Why Continue to Give Away Your Profits?

Strategies to Address Underfilling & Overfilling, Remain Legal & Reduce Wastage

Billions of packages are being filled in factories around the world – coffee beans into box bottom pouches, whisky into…
new year new opportunities for manufacturers

Navigate Challenges and Maximise Opportunities for Manufacturers in 2024

Every New Year brings fresh opportunities to businesses. Many factories are establishing targets for the upcoming year, aiming to reduce…
climate change COP 28 manufacturing

Your Factories Don’t Need to Make Sacrifices to Achieve Sustainability

In Fact, it’s a Bigger Sacrifice to Do Nothing!

From Global Trends to Factory Solutions: A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Wastage, Overfilling, Packaging and Paper-Recording   Climate Change and…