Short Interval Control

Harford Short Interval Control Solutions offer quick and focused reviews of performance data during the shift, enabling mid-course corrections and immediate small-scale fixes that collectively result in significant performance improvements.

Short interval control systems – improving manufacturing performance

Quick and focused reviews of performance data during the shift enable mid-course corrections and immediate small-scale fixes that collectively result in significant improvements in performance.

Our real-time short interval control (SIC) solution shows analysed results broken down into hours, typically displayed on large 50″ screens in stainless steel, waterproof housings across the production facility.

Enhancing production performance & operational efficiency

Harford Short Interval Control Solutions help manufacturers increase focus and OEE, improve operator engagement & ownership, highlight opportunities to improve performance and get full visibility on live screens. Managers and operators can stay informed and make data-driven decisions for enhanced operational efficiency.

Quick and focused reviews of performance data during the shift enable mid-course corrections and immediate small-scale fixes that collectively result in significant improvements in performance.

No more outdated whiteboards

Many companies use whiteboards in the production area to show Short Interval Control, very useful but time-consuming, therefore, frequently uncompleted.

With Harford SIC solutions, all the metrics are showcased on expansive 50″ stainless steel screens, housed in waterproof enclosures strategically positioned throughout your production facility.

Simple visualisation

Simple graphics have the effect of making production performance immediately visible to operators and managers alike and, at the same time, give operators very visible new goals to aim for, thereby encouraging ongoing improvements in production output.

The simplest way is often the most effective, to make operational personnel aware of whether performance is improving or deteriorating. Some boards even encourage friendly competition between productions lines to improve performance.

Short Interval Control solutions – improving visibility & insight

Our Short Interval Control solutions offer a range of features designed to support manufacturing performance improvement. These include real-time monitoring of production activities, predictive insights, production lines results comparison, mid-course corrections, immediate small-scale fixes, E-mail notifications and full visibility into production performance. With these features, businesses can gain visibility into production performance, identify bottlenecks, and proactively make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency.

Solutions for a range of industries

Short Interval Control is especially vital in industries such as FMCG, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty,  Pharmaceutical and Chemical, where efficient production processes and quick response times are critical. By implementing Short Interval Control solutions, manufacturers can reduce lead times, improve production agility, optimise resource utilisation, and achieve better overall equipment effectiveness. This approach ensures streamlined operations, enables faster delivery of products, and supports factories in meeting market demands effectively.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Stay updated on production status for proactive decision-making.

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Predictive Insights

Leverage advanced analytics to anticipate potential issues and take proactive measures.

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Comparing Production Lines Results

Evaluate and compare the performance of different production lines.

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Mid-Course Corrections

Quickly address minor issues to prevent affecting overall production efficiency.

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Email Notifications

Receive timely notifications and alerts regarding critical events.

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Why Work with Harford Control?

Harford Short Interval Control Solutions not only empowers factories with control over their production line through mid-course corrections,  immediate small-scale fixes and real-time visibility but also enhance operator engagement and ownership, driving cultural change within the organisation for sustained improvement.

We provide tailored Short Interval Control solutions, comprehensive support and training, seamless integration with existing systems, and a proven track record of driving operational excellence. Our OEE/Operational Efficiency solutions can be integrated into the overall Harford MIS/MES system.

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  • What is Short Interval Control (SIC)?

    Short Interval Control (SIC) is a management technique used in manufacturing to improve operational efficiency by implementing regular, short-interval monitoring and adjustment of production processes. It involves frequent performance evaluations, identification of issues, and prompt corrective actions to minimize deviations, optimize productivity, and enhance overall process control.

  • What are the benefits of implementing Short Interval Control?

    Implementing Short Interval Control offers several benefits, including improved process control, reduced downtime, increased productivity, and enhanced overall equipment effectiveness. It enables real-time monitoring and rapid response to deviations, reduces waste and rework, enhances quality, and promotes a proactive approach to continuous improvement.

  • How does Short Interval Control contribute to operational efficiency?

    Short Interval Control contributes to operational efficiency by providing a systematic approach to monitor and optimize processes in real-time. It allows for quick identification and resolution of issues, minimizes idle time, reduces bottlenecks, and improves resource utilization. By proactively managing operations at short intervals, it helps maximize productivity and achieve operational excellence.

  • What are the key components of Short Interval Control?

    The key components of Short Interval Control include setting clear performance targets for each interval, real-time monitoring of relevant metrics, effective communication channels, rapid issue identification, and timely corrective actions. It requires engaged and empowered teams, efficient data collection and analysis systems, and a culture of continuous improvement.

  • How can Short Interval Control be implemented?

    Implementing Short Interval Control involves defining the desired performance targets, establishing monitoring systems, and implementing a structured process for capturing and analysing data at short intervals. It requires training and empowering teams to identify and address issues promptly, as well as establishing effective communication channels for sharing information and coordinating actions.

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