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Harford Factory Stats (Mobile Apps) are compatible with both iOS and Android systems, enabling factory managers to remotely access and monitor real-time data.

Factory stats – real-time insights for manufacturing performance

Factory Stats empowers manufacturing and production teams by providing real-time insights into factory performance, process quality, and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) on mobile Apps. Our apps are compatible with both iOS and Android systems, allowing factory managers to remotely access and monitor real-time data. This comprehensive snapshot of performance enables them to identify production issues, evaluate the performance of each manufacturing center, and drive improvements for optimal operational efficiency.

Benefits of factory stats app

Factory Stats (Mobile Apps) allows you to track and analyse key performance indicators (KPIs) related to factory performance on mobile devices. Gain visibility into production output, downtime, cycle times, and more, enabling you to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows for enhanced productivity.

Production quality & manufacturing compliance

Ensure consistent quality with Factory Stats. With our mobile apps, you can ensure product safety and quality compliance with real-time visibility on the shop floor anytime and anywhere. You can identify areas for improvement, reduce defects, and enhance overall product quality. 

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Improve equipment efficiency and utilisation using Factory Stats’ OEE tracking capabilities. Monitor availability, performance and quality to identify equipment downtime, production inefficiencies, and performance gaps. Access all the data conveniently on your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. 

Real-time data via iOS and Android apps

Stay connected and access real-time data on-the-go with Factory Stats mobile apps. Our apps are compatible with both iOS and Android systems. Monitor your factory’s performance metrics, quality indicators, and OEE insights anytime, anywhere. Make informed decisions, address issues promptly, and collaborate with teams to drive continuous improvement. 

Create and track continuous improvement issues

Factory Stats (Mobile Apps) empowers manufacturing companies by providing real-time insights on mobile devices, ensuring connectivity anytime and anywhere. Managers can stay connected even while on the move. The app allows them to view performance at various levels, including global, regional, factory, and specific production lines. They can create and track continuous improvement issues to drive ongoing enhancements and achieve a culture of continuous improvement.

Global & regional data analysis

Factory Stats offers extensive global and regional data analysis, enabling performance comparison across factories and regions. Monitor real-time factory and production line performance on a global or regional scale, tracking key metrics like OEE, wastage, quality, and PPM. Leverage insights to optimise operations and drive efficiency organisation-wide. 

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Remote Factory Monitoring

Track factory performance remotely in real-time.

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with iOS and Android systems.

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Global & Regional Views

View factory or production line performance on a global or regional scale.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Monitor top-level performance metrics like OEE, wastage, quality, and PPM.

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Mobile Connectivity

Stay connected and access information while on the move.

Lacking visibility of the production process when away from the office?

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Why work with Harford Control?

Over several decades, Harford Control has worked tirelessly with a wide range of factories in order to optimise their production performance.

With the Harford Manufacturing Execution System (MES) tailored to your needs, you will more easily reduce errors, find the hidden wastage and consequently become more efficient, whilst continuing to deliver consistently high quality products, making your business more profitable and sustainable. 

Most manufacturers are facing ever increasing input and transformation costs with few opportunities to increase the output price to their customers.

This should encourage manufacturers to look more deeply into their production processes to find the hidden costs, eliminate wastage and thereby improving efficiency without compromising quality.

The problem of rising costs and fix output costs is nothing new and will not end. Therefore performance improvement to drive down transformation costs must be continuous.

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  • What are Factory Stats mobile apps?

    Factory Stats mobile apps are applications designed for manufacturing and production teams to gain real-time insights into factory performance, process quality, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), and other key metrics. These apps provide remote access to performance data, allowing management to monitor production issues, identify underperforming areas, and make informed decisions to optimize factory operations.

  • How do Factory Stats mobile apps work?

    Factory Stats mobile apps connect to the manufacturing systems and collect real-time data on key performance indicators. The apps display this data in a user-friendly interface, allowing users to monitor factory performance, track quality metrics, and access relevant reports and analysis. The apps provide a convenient way to access critical information anytime, anywhere, using iOS and Android devices.

  • What are the benefits of using Factory Stats mobile apps?

    Using Factory Stats mobile apps offers several benefits for manufacturing companies. It enables real-time monitoring of factory performance, facilitates quick identification of production issues, supports proactive decision-making, and promotes collaboration among teams. The apps provide a centralized platform for accessing critical data, improving operational efficiency, and driving continuous improvement initiatives.

  • How can Factory Stats mobile apps improve factory performance?

    Factory Stats mobile apps can improve factory performance by providing real-time visibility into key performance metrics. The apps allow users to monitor production progress, identify bottlenecks, and track OEE and other efficiency measures. With instant access to performance data, teams can make timely adjustments, address issues promptly, and drive continuous improvement for optimized factory performance.

  • Can Factory Stats mobile apps integrate with existing manufacturing systems?

    Yes, Factory Stats mobile apps can integrate with existing manufacturing systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Through integration, the apps can retrieve data from these systems and provide a consolidated view of factory performance, enhancing data accuracy and eliminating the need for manual data entry. 

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