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The Harford Difference

The continuous development of our performance improvement systems for more than half a century keeps us at the leading edge of real time factory floor MES technology. No other single company has created such an impressively integrated set of production modules which so seamlessly work together to form the most comprehensive picture of factory performance.

The Harford Solution Wheel

Many systems deal with various aspects of legal compliance, whilst others deal with process control and cost reduction. Even more offer line efficiency, downtime analysis, quality management, coding or labelling.

Harford Control brings together all these modules and more, in one easy-to-use integrated solution.

  • Production

    • Paperless Quality, Lab Quality & Traceability
    • Minimise Non-Conformances, Automate Results Analysis & Reduce Errors
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  • Materials
    & Process

    • Lab Quality
    • Ensure Consistent High Quality & Right First Time, Every Time.
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  • Waste

    • Wastage Monitoring & Energy Tracking
    • Minimise Raw Materials & Labour Wastage. Accurately track Energy Consumption
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  • Fill

    • Weight Control, Average Quantity & Process Integration
    • Reduce Overfill and Ensure Legal Compliance
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  • Performance

    • OEE, Short Interval Control, Live Reporting, End-to-End Traceability & Centerlining
    • Real Time Actionable Information to make Data-Driven Decisions to help Improve Performance.
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  • Factory

    • Energy Tracking, Material Consumption, Labour Monitoring & End-to-End Traceability
    • To Improve Resource Utilisation & Enhance Process Control
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  • Line

    • Autocoding, Machine & ERP Integration
    • Ensure Correct Labelling, Traceability & Reduce Human Error through Automation
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  • Inline

    • Vision & Barcode Inspection
    • Ensure Allergen-Free Products. Validate Components & Print Seamlessly while Detecting Errors & Preventing Defects.
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