8 reasons why businesses invest in Harford

There are many reasons to invest in a Harford solution, they differ from business to business, even from department to department. We wanted to share the top reasons for moving away from “we have always done it this way” to a culture of continuous improvement, where everybody is engaged in driving the success of a business.

1. It is user-friendly and easy to use

We have developed the system with the end-user in mind. To us, the key users are the front line staff – your machine minders, line leaders, and production operatives – who interact with the system multiple times per hour. To ensure that the input, which forms the basis of real-time information, is correct and reliable, it must be as easy as possible to enter data right the first time.

2. Integration, not separation

No more silos of information. Instead of having to deal with the complexity of multiple, disparate systems, we simplify and combine all relevant components in a single solution – from quality assurance to line efficiency to weight control to in-line inspection, and more. Interfaces with other systems (e.g. ERP) are established to ensure all necessary data is exchanged automatically.
That’s value for money!

3. Simplified, prioritised information

To enable your team to make decisions where and when needed, you need accurate information – based on facts, not opinions. We visualise KPIs in real-time and prioritise those issues that need immediate attention, so you can manage by exception. Our software is available to all users across the business, including large-screen dashboard and mobile devices.

4. Constant development

Our clients work in a range of industries, with different, but similar requirements. We constantly improve and develop our solution based on the needs of our clients. It is a single system, which is configured to the needs of each client. That means all features are made available to everyone so that everybody can benefit from improvements that stem from specific requirements.

5. Support

Our support team is on the road 24/7, across the UK and globally. Our team at the head office also supports you via telephone, VPN and email. Service level agreements can be tailored for your needs. Similar to our software, we continually invest in the development of our team to grow their skills and empower them to provide even better support.

6. A simple approach to licensing

All Harford licenses are perpetual. And they include everything, even a full 12 months support & upgrades. Harford core features are free for life and can be used by unlimited users.
We believe you should have complete control over your IT solutions – no subscriptions you don’t use, no plugins you don’t need. You purchase your license once and for all, and it includes all features and benefits available at the time of purchase.

7. Full ownership

We want you to be able to adapt the system to your needs, without having to come back to us. Therefore, extensive training, implementation guidance and support are provided. Once we get you going you will have more than enough knowledge to continually improve and refine the setup of your own solution.

8. Long-term partnership

We are not in the business of selling to one-off customers, we establish long-term relationships with our clients. Some of them have endured over 30 years and are still ongoing. We strive to become a part of your extended team, with a detailed understanding of your business. We want to share our expertise and be there when you need help.


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