All data captured on the factory floor, from manual entry to direct capture via OPC or PLC links, is transferred to the central Harford system server, where it is automatically processed, interpreted, organized, and structured to turn it into meaningful, useful, and actionable information.
There is no more need to spend hours typing manually captured data from paper sheets into Excel, just to be able to perform basic calculations!


The danger of having lots of information is ending up in a state of analysis paralysis, where too much information inhibits the decision-making process and actions may not be taken at all.
Our TrafficLights software highlights the main issues that need to be dealt with to achieve the greatest gains. At the same time, a wide range of reports gives in-depth access to all details, where required.


The availability of up-to-date information is what drives efficient decision-making. Visibility is key to motivate the whole team to take action when necessary.
All information is available to the whole business, on multiple platforms, to ensure that there is only one version of the truth. We provide a combination of PC-based reporting, large information screens and mobile reporting apps.

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