Our Strengthened Partnership to Drive Performance Improvement for Manufacturers

Harford Control, a leading provider of MIS/MES, is excited to announce our partnership with Visicon, a renowned technology company specialising in cutting-edge vision systems.

After several years of successful collaboration, leveraging Visicon’s expertise, Harford Control integrates vision systems with its end-to-end factory solutions to drive quality and efficiency.

Having the correct machine vision solution in place is increasingly important as manufacturing automation relies on camera systems to ensure product quality and compliance. Visicon’s partnership with Harford Control brings together our collective experience and technical expertise for the benefit of the customer, ensuring we can both continue to offer the highest quality solutions and service that we are both known for.
— Peter Jelf, Director, Visicon

Recognising the growing demands of production lines, the two companies take their partnership to the next level, establishing a strategic alliance and becoming shareholders in Visicon.

Harford Control’s closer relationship with Visicon demonstrates our joint commitment to continuous improvement and our dedication to providing integrated solutions to customers worldwide.


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