How can contract wine bottlers contribute to the sustainable future of the wine industry?

Whilst winemakers attempt to reduce their costs and become more sustainable, bottling contractors can also do their part by tackling the issues of overfill and wastage.

However, it’s hard to get consistent data from manual recording in order to control the process of wine filling accuracy.

Why not harness the power of real time information and introduce better control solutions to help your organisation tackle the effects of climate change, reduce overfill and giveaway, and thereby improve manufacturing effectiveness?

Harford provides contract wine bottlers with real-time and in-depth factory floor information and weight control for their bottling operations, supporting them to become more sustainable and profitable.

Check out how we help Encirc, one of the UK’s largest contract bottlers, to reduce overfill and giveaway by implementing better weight control: https://lnkd.in/daVqAqnv


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