Harford Control’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement:

Our End-to-End MIS/MES Solutions Update Announcement

Harford Control, a leading provider of manufacturing information systems (MIS) and manufacturing execution systems (MES), announced a solution range update for its end-to-end MIS/MES system. The update includes a number of new solutions that are designed to minimise production risks and wastage, together with increased production effectiveness whilst maintaining the highest level of quality consistency for food and beverage, pharma, cosmetic, chemical and household consumer goods manufacturers.

“We are constantly striving to improve our solutions and services,” said Roy Green, Director of Harford Control. “This solution range update reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and our dedication to helping manufacturers improve manufacturing performance.”

The Harford system is built to scale across your entire factory, from goods-in to despatch. With Harford’s MIS/MES systems, all production-related information is available within a single system. All collected data is analysed, prioritised & distributed to networked PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in real time so your operators can make adjustments immediately.

“The updated MIS/MES system is a significant improvement over the previous version,” said James Green, Business Improvement Manager at Harford Control. “The new solutions and features will help our customers to eliminate risk, reduce wastage and improve efficiency.”

The new solutions and features in the updated MIS/MES system include 4 main areas which are quality, compliance, efficiency and yield.


Ensure Product Quality

The Harford Quality Solution is unquestionably the most comprehensive and advanced system available to manufacturers, combining decades of experience with continuous improvement, heavily influenced by user input from FMCG, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical manufacturers.

Our Quality Solution includes a range of cutting-edge software tools, such as Paperless Quality, Lab Quality Management Systems (LIMS), Materials and Process Quality and End-to-End Traceability. These systems provide comprehensive quality management software to manufacturers, enabling precise production control, streamlined processes, and excellent quality control in manufacturing.

Assure Legal Compliance

The Harford Compliance Solution provides inline inspection and line automation solutions to help manufacturers ensure compliance and accuracy. Our compliance solutions include Vision Inspection, Barcode Inspection, Autocoding, Machine Integration and ERP/SAP Integration.

We help manufacturers minimise product recalls, ensure compliance and drive operational efficiency accuracy with features such as component matching, online barcode scanning, 100% vision inspection, OCR, 2D code inspection, rejection systems, autocoding, barcode inspection, M&S code of practise, and label verification.

Enhance Production Efficiency

The Harford Efficiency Solution helps businesses increase output without further capital investment or additional labour or reduce use of resources (material & time) to achieve the same output by optimising efficiency across all areas of the production process.

Our suite of tools in efficiency, including OEE/Operational Efficiency, Short Interval Control, Centrelining, Live Reporting, Labour Tracking and Monitoring, and Energy Tracking, empowers businesses to streamline operations, identify bottlenecks, reduce downtime, improve resource utilisation, and boost overall productivity.

Boost Manufacturing Yield

The Harford Yield Solution helps manufacturers ensure optimal filling while meeting average quantity regulations in order to reduce unnecessary wastage. The Harford Yield Solution encompasses Weight Control, Average Quantity, Process Integration, Energy Wastage Reduction and Raw Materials and Labour Wastage/Monitoring.

With precise measurement and control, manufacturers can achieve consistent product quality, minimise overfill or underfill, reduce material waste, and enhance operational efficiency. Many sites using the Harford solution boast of overfill/giveaway levels as low as 0.1% (1ml per litre/1g per kg) – which they achieve by doing fewer process adjustments!

Harford’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The continuous development of our performance improvement systems for more than half a century keeps us at the leading edge of real time factory floor MIS/MES technology. No other single company has created such an impressively integrated set of production modules which so seamlessly work together to form the most comprehensive picture of factory performance.

Without Harford, this picture would need to be created from several different systems, all of which show a part of ‘the jigsaw’ which makes real time process optimisation virtually impossible, especially where these modules interreact and such beneficial co-dependency is essential for performance optimisation.

However, not every module will be required for every application and modules can therefore be omitted with no loss of functionality in the provision of the optimal solution.


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