Harford Control Not at PPMA This Year?

Some have already mentioned that they will miss Harford and its iconic electric train set at PPMA, the ‘attention grabbing’ fun way to replicate many aspects of a typical production line, such as:

and even slow running (lines/trains running late and missing deadlines).

Whilst we would have liked to be present to meet many old friends, loyal clients and some new ones , we felt that the risk from Covid was still too great. Most people we speak to seem to know someone who, though ‘double jabbed’ some time ago, has still caught and been very ill with the disease. We felt that this, coupled with the fact that infections are rising again, meant that we felt distinctly uncomfortable and chose, therefore, to not put our own people, friends, clients and potential clients at risk, however small.

It is still ‘business as usual’ at Harford, supporting existing clients and visiting production sites for Performance Improvement Reviews, installations and more, whilst taking all possible safety precautions, even though many of those safety precautions are no longer legal requirements or even feature amongst Government guidelines.

We hope that interested companies will still contact us, even if only for pro bono consultancy, and we expect to be fully exhibition operational again from 2022, Covid permitting.

Roy Green.

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