Integration is better than separation

Have you ever worked with a range of insular solutions that don't communicate with each other and painstakingly tried to create a report that combines a number of KPIs?
With Harford's MES / MIS solution, all production-related information is available within a single system. The degree of integration determines the degree of benefit for the company.

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Made to measure

Every manufacturing process is different, and every company has different reporting and control needs.

Our standard solution is highly customisable and acts like a bespoke system to fit your needs exactly.

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Live Results

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Stay on top with real-time information

Manage your business with up-to-date information, available across your network and mobile devices.
We alert you as soon as improvement actions are advisable or necessary so that you can make informed decisions when required.

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Delivering improved performance across a variety of sectors

No matter which industry sector, FMCG manufacturing can be reduced to two basic components – materials and time.

Our job is to help you to optimise the use of these factors by providing real-time information to drive informed decision-making, leading to minimised wastage and consistent quality at lowest production cost.

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