Accurate and Reliable Data

For any kind of production line performance analysis, we need data. The traditional way of manually recording downtime on a piece of paper only works to a certain extent - it is next to impossible to record stops of only a few seconds in length.
The Harford solution captures every second of the day, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Accurate and reliable data is captured in multiple ways - ranging from a single sensor to a whole array of inputs, including OPC - with stoppage reason assignment being either manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

More than OEE

Our business is to help you optimize your production with the help of real-time information and to move it towards 'world class' levels. Though OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) is certainly the most popular, it is not the only measure and by far a perfect fit for all manufacturing operations.

Therefore, the Harford system includes a number of commonly used efficiency measurements, but also provides reports that incorporate labour and other important factors, such as units per man hour or production cost per unit.

Conformance to Plan

Delivering what was agreed, when it was agreed, at an agreed quality standard - a major KPI in FMCG manufacturing. Only when each of the following is effectively managed and controlled, can Conformance to Plan be truly achieved at realistic and planned cost:

• Materials Utilisation
• Quality Compliance
• Labour Utilisation
• Overall Efficiency
• Legal and Coding Compliance
• Wastage
• Cost per Unit

Whilst most companies already have most of these KPIs reported upon in one form or another, they are rarely available automatically and in real time, within a single system, directly upon the desktops of those who most need to know.

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