Full Compliance

Despite several supermarket chains introducing codes of practice for label verification, batch rejections increased between 2014 & 2015 by more than 74%. Most of these were not due to label verification issues, which serves to illustrate that, important as label verification is, there are many other controls to be effectively managed in order to minimise the risk of batch rejections.

This is where the Harford holistic systems approach really scores over other systems, as it not only helps supermarket suppliers to minimise their coding & labelling errors, but when combined as part of the Harford Integrated Solution, at the same time, can improve production line efficiency and performance.

Reduce production costs

Combining production line efficiency, downtime analysis, quality assurance, materials management and wastage reduction, within a single integrated system, ensures that the increasingly broad requirements for compliance are totally specified and reported upon, whilst driving down unit production costs through focussing upon areas of wastage and lost opportunities which matter most and which can have the greatest impact in the shortest possible time periods upon profitability.

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