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Only what is measured can be managed and improved. Following large capital investments in machinery, maximum productivity of assets is necessary to achieve the maximum return on investment. As a standard measure, used worldwide in manufacturing operations, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) helps to easily understand the actual performance of production processes. This information is crucial to take appropriate measures to achieve improvement.

With the Harford OEE solution, you will achieve your business objectives easily:

• increased output without further capital investment or additional labour, or
• reduced use of resources (material & time) to achieve the same output

Accurate and Reliable Data

For any kind of production line performance analysis, we need data. The traditional way of manually recording downtime on a piece of paper only works to a certain extent - it is next to impossible to record stops of only a few seconds in length.
The Harford OEE software solution captures every second of the day, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Accurate and reliable data is captured in multiple ways - ranging from a single sensor to a whole array of inputs, including OPC - with stoppage reason assignment being either manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

OEE Data Analysis

Reporting accurate information in real-time is key to making the right decisions. We provide a wide range of standard reports with countless options to make them suit your exact needs for Overall Equipment Effectiveness reporting. The depth and breadth of Harford reporting are unrivalled.
Any data captured by the Harford system is automatically analysed, prioritised and made available in real-time so that you can take instant action to improve performance. Depending on preference, you can choose to view information as list (and export to MS Excel and other formats) or display it in a wide range of graphs and visuals.

OEE Improvement

Harford also provide a range of improvement tools, to make it even easier for you to make an impact on performance. From simple Pareto analyses to specialised improvement tools for cause and effect analysis, e.g. fishbone (Ishikawa) diagrams, to guiding your problem-solving process via a structured 5 Why process, we don’t just collect data and turn it into useful information, we make it easy to use!

Our automated Short Interval Control screens enable quick and focused reviews of performance data during the shift to action mid-course corrections and immediate small-scale fixes that collectively result in significant improvements in performance.

More than OEE

Our business is to help you optimize your production with the help of real-time information and to move it towards 'world class' levels. Though OEE is certainly the most popular, it is not the only measure and by far a perfect fit for all manufacturing operations.

Therefore, the Harford system includes a number of commonly used efficiency measurements and also provides reports that incorporate labour and other important factors, such as units per man hour, production cost per unit or conformance to plan.

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