System Architecture

Any solution requires a central database, an operator interface, peripheral devices, and links to other business systems.
The Harford architecture is standardised and expandable, so that it can be used for simple standalone systems or for complex, integrated solutions.

The Harford Terminal

Our operator terminals (HMIs) are designed to be simple, versatile and robust, in any environment. Food-grade stainless steel, IP69k opto-isolated connectors, and an uninterruptible power supply are just a few of many features.
A multitude of peripherals can be connected and powered at the same time, e.g. cameras, height gauges, digital callipers, torquemeters, pH-meters, alcolyzers, O2/CO2 meters, etc.


Our apps for tablets and mobiles allow data capture on the go, wherever you are, without needing a continuous WiFi connection. A live factory status is available for both Android and IOS, to keep you updated across the globe. Our Mobile Manager enables swift recording of any types of incidents, as well as the instant review of any non-conformances.

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