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Let one of our Lean Six Sigma professionals help you analyse your process performance and identify opportunities for waste reduction and financial growth

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Why would you need an outside party like Harford?

In many instances, an internal performance review or a checklist review is not sufficient to achieve an objective picture of the line performance, to spot the early warning signals regarding business failure, and to identify key growth opportunities. That’s where an external, independent perspective helps.

Understanding the root cause(s) for material losses and the impact a 1% reduction of cost of sales can have is key for manufacturing performance improvement and financial growth.

One of our Lean Six Sigma experts will perform an in-depth review on site, to provide you with:

– an independent assessment of your weight control approach
– opportunities for waste reduction
– unbiased advice in areas such as compliance and performance improvement

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Benefits for you

With over 4 decades of experience with Weights and Measures compliance, our advisor will give you a comprehensive, unbiased and in-depth review of your existing weight/fill control processes and documentation to help drive fundamental growth for your business.

Don't miss out on our Black Friday offer - a weight control audit at Harford's expense!
The value to yourselves could be worth £multiple thousands.

You will benefit from

– our Lean Six Sigma qualified advisor coming to your site, analysing your production process to identify potential ways to reduce wastage, giveaway and review the potential for performance improvement

– our 45+ years of experience in legal metrology, to help you make the most of the Average Quantity Law with expert guidance

– our over half a century of experience, reviewing giveaway, wastage & efficiency at Food&Beverage and FMCG manufacturers has saved them countless £millions

– our professionals also evaluate your quality control/assurance and label verification to minimise the risk of non-compliance and potential legal requirement. Even more important with the recent introduction of Natasha’s Law


Here are two examples of how we have helped manufacturers previously
by simply reviewing their processes and providing guidance


Case 1 – incorrect checkweigher setup

A food manufacturer was relying on in-line checkweighers to ensure that no underweight products leave site. However, they had inadvertently set the reject limits below the legally acceptable T1/T2 limit. It only took one look at the existing limits by our trained advisor to notice something was off, and to suggest an easy correction!

Case 2 – unnecessary risk

At a drinks manufacturer, we noticed that through various iterations of their paperwork, an unnecessary calculation had been added to their manual weight control process. Depending on circumstances, this meant they were potentially underfilling or giving away their high-value product. All it took was the adjustment of a formula to ensure they were back in the realms of legal compliance.

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Why choose Harford for your manufacturing process audit?

Harford Control has over 40 years of experience in enabling organisations to focus on continuous improvement. We are proud of the long-standing relationships and the results we’ve helped our clients achieve since 1976.

  • *Book your audit between these dates (25-30 November 2021), to be carried out early in 2022, at your convenience (on-site audit, Covid permitting).
  • *No hidden costs and every audit is carried out with strict confidentiality, where the results would only be shared with the agreed parties.
  • *No cash value, offer only available to businesses located in the UK.

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