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Harford Control provides automated, accurate, real-time data and the tools necessary to improve line performance, efficiency and quality for Food and Beverage, FMCG, cosmetics and healthcare manufacturers in India. Learn more about our growing presence and dedicated team in India.

Are you struggling to increase your manufacturing efficiency?

We can help you improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

With Harford OEE, you will achieve your business objectives easily:
– increased output without further capital investment or additional labour
– reduced use of resources (material & time) to achieve the same output

Harford OEE provides real-time accurate data, OEE data analysis, and in-depth reporting with OEE improvement tools to your factory so that you can take instant action to improve manufacturing performance. The depth and breadth of Harford reporting are unrivalled. We can make them suit your exact needs for Overall Equipment Effectiveness reporting.

We don’t just collect data and turn it into useful information, we make it easy to use!

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Let's improve your line performance and bottom line with Harford OEE Solution

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Do you have a lot of wastages in your production?

We can help you reduce rejects, reworks, product recalls, EPWs (Emergency Product Withdrawal), RTMs (Return to Manufacturer), scrap…

With Harford Quality Control and Quality Assurance, you will be able to get automatic corrective guidance and get notified of exceptions instantly. You can use quality control, quality assurance and error-proofing in the Harford system to minimise defects and sustain consistently high levels of quality.

Our aim is to help you get it Right First Time and Right Every Time! Therefore, we aim to empower your operators with scheduled quality assurance checks with instant verification and corrective action advice. Leaders are provided with exception notifications, a fully traceable audit trail, and real-time reports.

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Right First Time, Right Every time. Empower your operators with scheduled quality assurance checks with Harford Quality Solutions

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Are you still using paper recording and excel spreadsheets?

We can help you remove paperwork.

With Harford Paperless Factory, you will be able to remove all factory floor paperwork and the need for reviewing and validating paper-based control documents.

You will benefit from real-time visibility of quality performance and in-depth shop floor data capture. Harford Paperless Factory is probably the most comprehensive paperless factory solution, combining decades of experience with continuous improvement, heavily influenced by user input.

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Get real-time actionable data and reduce wastages with Harford Paperless Factory

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Are you giving away your valuable assets through overfill?

We can help you ensure that optimum control can be achieved.

With Harford Weight Control, you will be able to get simple and clear warnings and adjustment advice to minimise wastage and improve your process control.

We took and sustained a different approach to all our competitors, in that we combined the benefits of Average Quantity Control with Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Process Capability (Cp / Cpk), ensuring that optimum control can be achieved even where high levels of variation exist in the packing/bottling process.

Many sites using the Harford solution boast of overfill/giveaway levels as low as 0.1% (1ml per litre/1g per kg) – which they achieve by doing fewer process adjustments!

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Let's reduce overfill and improve your process control with Harford Weight Control

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Are you suffering from the wrong labels on the wrong product?

We can help you to minimise coding and labelling errors.

With Harford Label Verification, you will be able to use automation to prevent non-conformances, minimise human errors, and reduce changeover time.

At the start of each production run, Harford configures in-line barcode scanners to check that the correct packaging materials and labels are used – on each individual product, case or pallet. This way, we can ensure 100% verification of packs, at the earliest opportunity, to avoid unnecessary wastage.

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Minimise coding and labelling errors and reduce your changeover time with Harford Autocoding

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Easy Quick Fixes or Long-Term Performance Improvement?

It’s easy to get bogged down trying to find the optimal plan or tool for change:
– The fastest way to improve the OEE score
– The cheapest software to manage performance
– The best strategy to achieve operational excellence
Many manufacturers are so focused on figuring out the fastest, cheapest and perfect solutions without considering long-term development.

What will really deliver a positive outcome is finding the reliable and best fit solution for your factory other than the one that displays vanity metrics or is the cheapest.

Harford has been going and growing since 1976, supporting our trusted clients in Food and Beverage, FMCG, cosmetics and healthcare manufacturing in their journey of continuous improvement with Harford’s unique Manufacturing Performance Improvement system.

Whether you are just looking for a specific solution i.e. OEE, paperless, quality, weight control, label verification or considering a holistic approach to drive business growth, we’ve got the expertise to help you find out the root cause of downtime and improve your overall equipment effectiveness.

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Our Trusted Clients

We are proud of the long standing relationships and the results we’ve helped our clients achieve since 1976

"One of the best things about dealing with Harford is, as well as their team being professional, knowledgeable and helpful, they are all really, really nice people."

Beverages Laboratory Manager, Encirc

"Harford has helped us to minimise production risk, improve quality consistency and improve efficiency, whilst eliminating most factory floor paperwork and providing instant traceability."

Operations Director, Emmett
Personal Care

Here to help

As part of our growing global presence, we have a dedicated team for supporting our clients in India. The team are strategically based in the North and South, to be able to help with sales and support enquiries efficiently. Of course, all of the UK and Global team members are also available to share their expertise, experiences, and to guide your successful Harford implementation.

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For any enquiries, please contact our local representative, Mr. Amit Jain:

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