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More than just OEE

Everyone can do OEE, that’s simple. Achieving actual, sustainable, long-term performance improvement requires a holistic approach. That’s why Harford provides users with accurate, real-time information and the tools necessary to improve line performance, efficiency and quality.

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What is the cost of poor efficiency to your business?

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  • OEE Performance Improvement


    Long and unnecessary changeover time
  • OEE Performance Improvement


    Wastage of labour and materials
  • OEE Performance Improvement


    Small profit margins and high transformational cost
  • OEE Performance Improvement


    Customer complaints and loss of business

How to improve efficiency?

Improve your line performance, efficiency and quality with Harford solutions

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How we may help you?

Performance improvement is more than just OEE.

Whether you are just looking for a specific solution i.e. OEE solution or considering a holistic approach to drive business growth, we’ve got the expertise to help you find out the root cause of downtime and improve your overall equipment effectiveness.

Our goal is to help you improve manufacturing performance and sustain continuous improvements not limited to efficiency improvement but also cost reduction and quality control.

What makes Harford Performance Improvement so different is that we are not simply equipment designers and manufacturers and neither are we Management Consultants, as such.

In reality, we combine our in-depth understanding of manufacturing processes and performance improvement with our development of the latest integrated system technologies, we have uniquely developed. You can not only benefit from the latest hardware and software but also combines those tools and techniques with the very best in ‘Consulting’ to ensure optimal usage and benefits.

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Accurate Data
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Guided problem-solving
Improvement project tracking
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Real-time accurate data

Accurate and reliable data is captured in multiple ways – ranging from a single sensor to a whole array of inputs, including OPC – with stoppage reason assignment being either manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

OEE data analysis

Any data captured by the Harford system is automatically analysed, prioritised and made available in real-time so that you can take instant action to improve performance. You can choose to view information as list (and export to MS Excel and other formats) or display it in a wide range of graphs and visuals.

In-depth reporting

We provide a wide range of standard reports with countless options to make them suit your exact needs for Overall Equipment Effectiveness reporting. The depth and breadth of Harford reporting are unrivalled.

OEE improvement tools

From simple Pareto analyses to specialised improvement tools for cause and effect analysis, e.g. fishbone (Ishikawa) diagrams, to guiding your problem-solving process via a structured 5 Why process, we don’t just collect data and turn it into useful information, we make it easy to use!

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Let us help you to find out the root cause of downtime and improve your overall equipment effectiveness

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What benefits can you get from Harford OEE?

With the Harford OEE solution, you will achieve your business objectives easily:
– increased output without further capital investment or additional labour
– reduced use of resources (material & time) to achieve the same output

Who we have helped

We are proud of the long-standing relationships and the results we’ve helped our clients achieve since 1976.

Using our Harford system to inform and focus our improvement activities, we have improved the plant output by 12.5% in the last six months with no capex requirements beyond the cost of the Harford system itself.

Bottling Hall Manager, Shepherd Neame Ltd

One year after implementation and Harford has supported us in reducing our bottling losses to less than 0.1%, and has taken our overall end-to-end liquid losses down by more than 50%.

Plant Director, Loch Lomond Distillers

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